March Book of the Month – The Power of Less



Leo Babauta – The Power of Less

Buy it Here – Used starting at $3.69


The Power of Less is about how limiting yourself to just the essentials is the most effective way to get more done than ever before. It shows us how trying to do too much is putting us on the fast track to doing almost nothing, and the things that do get done are not as good as they could be.

Leo is a living example of both extremes. He begins the book by telling his own story about being an overweight, in debt, smoking, workaholic who rarely saw his family. He used the principles he discusses in his book to simplify his life and focus on one task at a time. Today, Leo has run two marathons, has doubled his income, became a vegetarian, decluttered his home, lost 45 pounds, and spends quality time with his family. He is also running one of the top 50 most popular blogs in the world. He also has 5 kids.

The Power of Less is divided into two sections; the first walks readers through the six principles of simple productivity:

1. Set limitations
2. Choose the essential
3. Simplify
4. Focus
5. Create habits
6. Start small

Part II details practical tips for implementing the six principles in key areas including e-mail, health, time management, filing, Internet, and decluttering your work space.

The principles are incredibly simple, but that does not make them easy to implement. Taking one step at a time and slowing down to focus entirely on that step will undoubtably help us to become more efficient and significantly less stressed.


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