Relationships, Reflections and Perspective

The traits we see most clearly in other people are the ones that exist most strongly in ourselves. We are drawn those who have the same traits as we do, only more so. Those who we admire and look up to are the ones who have the same traits that we posses. When we look upon an individual and we see their beauty, their strength, their love and their potential those are the exact same qualities we posses in ourselves. Understand that how we see others is simply a reflection of what is within ourselves. Take comfort in knowing that those qualities you are drawn to and admire are the qualities that are flowing from your very own soul.

The same goes for the opposite. We are repelled by the people who reflect back at us the traits that we deny in ourselves. When you look upon someone and view their faults, their sins, view them as ugly, weak, and unworthy it is because we are seeing our own weakness and ugliness being reflected back at us. When you attack a person or criticize them for what they love and what they are good at you are only attacking yourself. When you attack a person’s judgement, character, ability or choices you are showing that you doubt or are unhappy with your own judgement, character, ability or choices.

We are all a part of a single entity with different perspectives. Understanding how relationships work is fundamental for self growth and fulfillment.


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