First Competition Saturday Oct 12th 2013


Its our first ever X-Project competition.

The competition will start at 10:00am. Please show up early to warm up.


MetCon #1:

10 Minute AMRAP

1200m Run

Push Press


MetCon #2:

As a Team, Complete (12 Minute Time Cap):

80 Push Ups

100 Wall Ball

400m Med Ball Run

50 Wall Ball

20 Push Ups


MetCon #3:

21 – 15 – 9

Partner A – Thrusters

Box Jumps

Partner B – Deadlift




MetCon #1:

Heat 1 at 10:10

Heat 2 at 10:30

MetCon #2:

Heat 1 at 10:50

Heat 2 at 11:10

MetCon #3:

Heat 1 at 11:30

Heat 2 at 11:50




Heat 1 Teams –

Larry and Peggy

Ryan and Stephanie

Matt and Cory

John R and Amanda

Josh and Lauren (Tonya)

Heat 2 Teams –

Matt and Kati

Moxley and Kristina

Rakesh and Swati

Jon F and Mary Lou


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