Mission Statement



The X-Project Mission Statement


Our mission is to align the stars in our own unique sky. Face our fears and thrash the barriers. Alter perception and manipulate reality to become limitless in compassion, drive, wisdom, moral fiber and both mental and physical capacity.


The X-Project is an idea.

It starts at the basics. Memorize the Basics. Doing the ordinary extraordinarily well, developing a foundation with the brawn to support a mountain. Creating mental and physical machines from the “absolute zero” first step.

It requires Love. Love for one’s self, family, friends and community. The pillars that hold us are only as strong as our ability to be compassionate, to give selflessly, to love unconditionally, to believe in a power greater than ourselves.

It thrives on a willingness to imagine and a willingness to fail outside of your comfort zone. Imagine what the world can become, what the people around you can become and what you can become when the barriers are working for us and no longer against us. The willingness to fail a thousand times in order to develop the courage to create a reality that matches the unbound imagination.

It requires patience and kindness. It requires self-compassion, self-forgiveness and self-love as a top priority. Patience and kindness with one’s self first, with those you love second, and with strangers always. It requires a complete elimination of comparison to others. A refusal to allow a media based worldview of “perfection”, or even “normal”, to have any impact on self-esteem.


The X-Project is a program built on staying true to one’s self while exploring all possibilities as options of reconstructing the rules and expectations of lifestyle. It’s built on the belief that success means creating what YOU want the way YOU want it. Living up to your own standards and no one else’s. Fearlessly being you at all times and loving yourself for it.



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